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Somatic approach


Xenia Gylaris, HP

Holistic bodywork & coaching

The focus of my work is the human being in his current development process. Psycho-emotional processes are in constant interaction with our physicality and influence muscle tone, the functionality of the metabolism, our cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. What we experience and how we experience it affects not only our mental well-being, but also very specifically  our body and our health. Against this background, I understand physical and psychological complaints as indications of discrepancies that we can use as an impulse to initiate changes that make the symptom as such superfluous. In addition to treating the physical complaints, we therefore always consider the current life situation and, with a combination of discussion and work with the body, create a space in which healing changes on a physical, emotional and mental level are possible. The aim is to treat symptoms effectively, to train the perception of one's own body, to dissolve behavioral patterns that block our development and to replace them with a way of life that corresponds more to our own nature and supports the realization of our own potential. My clients are actively involved in this process, which in the end is always about encountering yourself, understanding yourself better, learning to communicate your own limits and needs clearly and opening up new options for a more fulfilling life. My role is one that gives space, questions, confronts and encourages. I inspire, am a therapist, counselor and temporary ally.


Who is the method suitable for?


My work is particularly suitable for people who want to feel their body more consciously, who are looking for a holistic method to develop their understanding of interaction between physical and psychological symptoms and want to treat them holistically. It is also suitable for people who want to learn in challenging phases of life dealing constructively with stress, consciously creating breaks and maintaining or increasing your energy level.

My range of treatments includes:

health prevention



back pain



development crises

sleep disorders





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      RESTORE & RENEW    

  We work through the body with your current issues. Touching, stretching, mobilization, breath and focus creates a feeling for your own inner alignment and an attitude that opens, straightens and carries you. Your own patterns become conscious and thus changeable.

Energy is released for new things.

Discussion, bodywork and focus are all geared towards experiencing one's own energy resources. From a variety of methods, we develop an individual concept to prevent states of exhaustion and to raise your own energy level.

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Arriving through the touch in your own body, feeling yourself again and reconnecting. A space to gather strength and pay attention to your own issues, including those that affect you as a woman.

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In the coaching we devote ourselves to the topics at the conversation level, but also observe the physical reactions that are associated with the respective topic in connection  and use them as a navigation tool to explore a topic and develop options for action.



Somatic approach

Xenia Gylaris, HP

Vistula Square 4

12045 Berlin

Tel: 0176 200 55677

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